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March Students of the Month

9th- Jedsen Pritchett
10th- Mason Champion
11th- Nelly Alejo Reyes
12th- Valerie Valdez

2022 - 2022 PBIS Team

Mandy Newton - Team Leader

Brittney McConkey - Recorder

Brandy Beal - Coach

Kristy Sitton - Communicator

Brittney Caylor - Data Analyst

Lori Daniell - Behavior Specialist

Tammy Watkins - Lesson Plan Lead

Brooke Young - Acknowledgment Lead

Amanda Bynum - Timekeeper

Donna Eskut - Admin Rep

Andrea McAllister - District Coordinator

Crystal Cooke - RESA Rep/ External Coach

What is SWPBIS?

School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a prevention model. It is based on the premise that all students can benefit from well implemented, evidence-based practices for improving student behavior. School-wide PBIS provides a comprehensive framework that can be used by any school to design their own system of behavioral supports for all students. It also provides informed decision making, based upon data analysis that guides the process of assessing student needs and providing additional levels of behavioral support to students in need.

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For more information about NMHS PBIS:

PBIS Matrix