Kara Winkler:  Team Leader

Brooke Young: Curriculum Instructional Facilitator

Rainey: Attendance Coordinator/Teacher

Andrea McAllister: ESS Leader

Amanda Bynum: Teacher

Francine Greene: Teacher

Brittany McConkey: Teacher

Mandy Newton: Teacher

Traci Rankin: Teacher

Kristy Sitton: Teacher

PBIS: Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Teachers/Staff PBIS Procedures Information

Purpose: A school-wide method of rewarding students for modeling good behavior and the Mountaineer Way.

Explanation: Each teacher will receive Golden Tickets. Award these to students who consistently display or show improvement in the behavior we wish to see in our students.

Redeeming Golden Tickets: Students who earn Golden Tickets can choose rewards offered by the teacher that gave the Golden Tickets or can be redeemed for a school-wide reward which is listed below.

Monthly Awards: Students of the Month will be announced, and rewards will include:

1.    NMHS T-Shirt

2.    Food from a Local Business

3.    Ice Cream Social at the End of the Year

4.    Parking in Teacher Parking Lot for a Month

Semester Drawings: Students with no discipline referrals and no tardies at the end of each semester will be eligible for Student of the Semester drawings which for prizes and other school incentives. 

The Mountaineer Way – NMHS Classroom Rules

Navigate your future

Prepare to be successful

Set goals to help you reach your dreams

Begin with the end in mind

Model respect

Respect the rights of others

Follow classroom procedures

Be supportive of others

Highly responsible

Be prepared

Be prompt and on time

Be accountable for yourself

Strive for excellence

Through personal training

Through academic success

Never give up