North Murray High School
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Our Mission: North Murray High School will expose our students to opportunities that foster success and develop skills that will ensure career, college and service readiness.

Our Vision: Equip, Enable, and Empower students to contribute to and compete in a global society.

Our Motto: “Unlocking the Potential in Every Student”

Latest News

* January 20, 2021:

Murray County Schools will continue on the Hybrid Schedule through February 12, 2021. All 10th Graders, both Group A and Group B, are required to attend school on Tuesday, January 26 for PSAT testing. This link provides additional information:NMHS Student Hybrid Schedule and Expectations

* Friday, January 14, 2021: 

Tickets for Friday Night's (1/15/21) basketball games at Murray County can be purchased in the front office throughout the day on Thursday and on Friday until 3:00 pm.  Tickets are $5.  Only 700 tickets are available for the event.  

* Friday, January 8, 2021: 

Students: We are interested in your views on how Distance Learning has been. Please take a few minutes to complete this Student Distance Learning Survey Jan 2021. (Must be logged in to your student account to complete the survey.)


* Thursday, January 7, 2021:  Click here for Student Hybrid Schedule and Expectations- begins on Monday, January 11th. Teachers will answer questions about the Hybrid schedule during Google Meets on Friday, January 8th.

Previous NMHS Website Announcements: Click HERE


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