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Our Mission: North Murray High School will expose our students to opportunities that foster success and develop skills that will ensure career, college and service readiness.

Our Vision: Equip, Enable, and Empower students to contribute to and compete in a global society.

Our Motto: “Unlocking the Potential in Every Student”

Class of 2020 Final Transcript Requests – Please let us know where to send your final transcripts by completing this Final Transcript Request Form

-       Since this involves the release of confidential information, you will need to log into your school system Google account to complete the form.  This helps us confirm your identity.

-       Final transcripts will be finalized & sent to colleges the 1st week of June.

-       If the place you need to send a copy of your final transcripts to is not Dalton State or Georgia Northwestern, you will need to provide us with the name and full address of the institution’s admissions office.

o   You should be able to find this on the college’s admissions department “Contact Us” page or application checklist.

o   If you need your final transcript sent to multiple institutions other than DSC or GNTC, you may submit multiple request forms as necessary.

-       Do not add your home address to the request form.  Unofficial copies of your transcript will be made available upon request for your reference/records.

-       You have until June 30, 2020, to make free final transcript requests.  After that, you will need to visit the school during business hours or go to our transcript request page instead of this form.  Depending on how you request it and how fast you need your request processed, you will be assessed a fee of $3, $5, or about $11.


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As the school year comes to a close, we want to make sure your children and families have access to mental health services now and during the summer if needed. The below survey was created for parents to complete and help identify if their child needs emotional support in this time and provides them with a link to submit a referral on our website. 

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