NMHS Title I Improvement Plan

NMHS Title I School Parent/Family Involvement Plan

School Year 2017-2018

Revised 10.01.2017

  1. Development and Distribution

The North Murray High School Parent/Family Involvement Plan is developed and accepted through the collaborative efforts of parents, families, business partners, staff, teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators.  The school-wide Title I plan is evaluated and updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents, families, and the school. Parents and families receive an updated version of the Parent/Family Involvement Plan at the beginning of each new school year. The policy is shared with the community using the school's website and a copy is placed in the front office of the school for viewing upon request. The Guidance office also maintains an updated version of the policy to share with the new students and their families upon arrival to North Murray.

  1. Annual Meeting 
          North Murray High School holds an annual meeting at the beginning of the school year to inform parents and families of the school's participation in the School-wide Title I Policy. At this time, the policy and its requirements are explained, parents and families are informed of their right to be involved, student/parent/teacher compacts are explained, and families are given the opportunity to serve on the school's Title I planning committee.  This meeting is held at the school's annual open house.  Notifications of this meeting are sent out using the local newspapers, the school website, and/or parent/family letters.
  2. Title I Planning Committee Meeting Options

After the annual meeting, the school surveys the parents and families who have chosen to serve on the Title I Planning Committee for convenient meeting times, and offers choices of mornings, afternoons, or evenings in order to ensure that all members have the opportunity to be involved in the meeting. Every effort to remove barriers to parent/family involvement is made to facilitate the participation of every member in the planning process.

  1. Parent and Family Involvement

The school-wide Title I planning committee will involve parents and families in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner. Parents and families will be involved in the planning, evaluation, and improvement of all Title I programs including the school's parent/family involvement policy, and the school-wide improvement policy as stated under section 1113(b).  All residential facilities for neglected and delinquent youth located within the school's attendance area will receive a copy of the school's parental involvement policy and be notified and included in the district's/school's parent involvement activities.


  1.  Providing Information to Parents and Families

 The school will provide all parents and families of participating students timely information through parent/family emails, newsletters, conferences, the school website, phone contacts, Messenger Dog, and local newspapers. These contacts will include information concerning: 1) all Title I programs in the school, 2) results of the annual review of the school-wide Title I Improvement Plan, including all school performance profiles, 3) Individual student assessment results and an explanation of those results, 4) a description of the school's curriculum and an explanation of that curriculum, 5) a description and explanation of the assessments used to measure student progress and proficiency levels that students are expected to meet, 6) opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions, share with other families, and participate in decisions affecting the education of their students, 7) provide timely responses to parent/family questions and/or suggestions, 8) collect any unsatisfactory comments regarding the Title I School-wide Improvement Plan and attach those comments to the School-wide plan when sent to the District LEA.

  1. Providing Assistance for Understanding

North Murray High School will provide information to all parents and families of participating students in order to facilitate understanding of the following areas:  1) National Education Goals for each content area, 2) Georgia Performance Standards for each content area, 3) School improvement process (planning, evaluation, revision), 4) components of the school's improvement plan, 5) national, state, and local assessments, 6) requirements of the school's improvement plan, 7) methods for parents and families to use to monitor their student's progress and work with educators to improve their student's performance, 8) ways that parents and families can participate in the decisions that affect their student's education.

  1. Materials and Training

North Murray High School will provide parents and families with materials and training such as:  1) coordinating necessary academic training to help parents and families work with their students to improve progress and achievement, 2) coordinating technology resources to help parents and families work with their students to improve progress and achievement, 3) providing methods to parents and families for parenting, tutoring, and assisting their students in order to improve progress and achievement.

  1. Equal Partners

Opportunities will be made at North Murray to educate faculty and staff in the value and utilization of contributions made by parents and families. The faculty and staff will work as equal partners with parents and families to coordinate and implement such parent/family-led programs as Parent Teacher Nights, Parent Volunteers, Education Fairs, etc. This coordination will be done in such as way as to build strong ties between participating students' families and the school.

  1. Coordination with Other Parent/Family Programs

North Murray High School will coordinate parent/family involvement programs along with other programs in the community such as Head Start, Even Start, Boys and Girls Clubs, Reading First, Title I-B, Migrant Programs, Title I-C, Homeless

Programs, Vocational Education Programs, Homeschool Programs, Parents as Teachers Programs, and public and private pre-school programs. Coordination of these programs will be carried out to the extent feasible and appropriate for participation of students and their families.

  1. Community and Business Partners

North Murray High will develop appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent/family involvement activities.  Information will be provided to businesses and organizations concerning parent/family involvement opportunities at the school. Whenever possible, businesses and community partners will be encouraged to include parents and families in their partnerships with schools at all levels in the district.

  1. Parent and Family Resources

North Murray High School will conduct other activities, as appropriate and feasible, to help parents and families become full partners in the education of their participating students. Those activities may include Parent/Family Resource Centers, Literacy Training for Parents, Local/School Parent and Family Involvement Activities, training for parents and families to enhance and engage the involvement of other parents and families, and parenting and child rearing resources. 

  1. Ongoing Parent and Family Involvement

North Murray High will work to involve parents and families in an ongoing assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of its parent/family involvement policy. These assessments will be used as a measure of performance evaluation for the school.

  1. Communication Adaptation   

North Murray High School will, to the fullest extent possible, provide equal opportunities for involvement to the parents and families of ELL students, migratory students, and students with disabilities. This will include providing parents and families information about school programs, meetings, and activities in a language and/or format they can understand.