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Tara  Noe
Curriculum and Instruction Facilitator

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Curriculum and Instruction Facilitator/Instructional Coach

My name is Tara Roberts Noe. I am a 1988 graduate of Murray County High School, a 1990 graduate of Dalton College, a 1992 graduate of West Georgia College, a 1997 graduate of Berry College, and a 2009 graduate of Liberty University.


I am passionate about education because it yields opportunities that would otherwise not be an option. I have devoted my life to educating students and equipping them and their teachers with the knowledge, skills, and motivation it takes to make dreams come true. I am very proud to be a lifelong learner, and I understand that I am blessed to have received a free, public education that began right here in Murray County when I completed Kindergarten through twelfth grade. I realize every day that this great country is only sustained when its citizens are educated, and because I am profoundly patriotic and proud to be an American, being and educator is not "just a job". I truly cannot get enough learning and believe that my own passion for learning can spill over and impact the classrooms full of students and adults I work with. It is my foremost desire to activate learning in others!